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For the purpose of confidentiality all names have been changed.


Thomas, a professional business man

Thomas had always shyed away from giving presentations at work as he lacked the confidence in his abilities and feared making a fool of himself. He was becoming increasingly anxious and worried. He was aware it was affecting his sleep, and noticed a change in his usual ability to concentrate at work.

Thomas was taught how to use calming breathing exercises to help him relax and enable him to  think  more clearly. With the use of guided imagery he was able to rehearse his performance , hence helping to improve his confidence.


Thomas contacted me after his presentation to happily report all had gone well.


James, Following treatment for anxiety and depression

Thank you so very much for your professional support. I feel so much better and back in control of my life again. I flew that kite at the weekend, it was amazing.


Amy, a young women in her 20’s

Amy had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks from a very young age when her best friend from

school moved away. Amy described herself as a shy person who lacked confidence. She continued to experience periodic panic attacks for which she associated with change or when wanting to do things on her own.


After 4 sessions, having identified the areas in Amys life that were not working , using  the rewind technique to neutralise the trauma memory, teaching  Amy how to use relaxation and breathing tecniques, she was able to go shopping on her own for the first time in a number of years without any symptoms of panic or anxiety.



Just a qiuck note to say thankyou for helping me overcome my depression and fears. I used to panic whenever I saw a spider , It affected the lives of my family and friends. But after 3 sessions I can now allow a small spider on the palm of my hand .


E, W Age 15

Thank you for helping me to feel better about myself. I can deal with the bullies so much better now.